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Treadmill Repairs, Services, Parts & Maintenance

When used regularly in a gym or fitness center or at home, treadmills can become rundown and will need to be fixed, serviced or repaired. The best and cheapest way to prevent continuous treadmill breakdowns is to have one of our specialized engineers service your treadmills on a regular basis. We offer a full range of Treadmill Repair, Parts and Maintenance Services to get your treadmill back up running and keep your treadmills in top notch shape for you and your clients.

Our Electrical Engineers have vast knowledge of all the biggest brands of treadmill machines, including:

  • Care Fitness
  • Flow Fitness
  • Life Fitness
  • LifeSpan
  • Landice
  • Nautilus
  • Proform
  • Schwinn
  • SOLE
  • Precor
  • TechoGym
  • York Fitness
  • And many others


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