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Arnold Series Nutrition & Supplements Distributor UK

“I’ve been on a crusade to promote fitness for more than four decades” said Arnold. “That has led to the largest health and fitness convention in the world, six books, seminars all over the globe, and visits to all 50 states as chairman of the president’s council on physical fitness.

This vitamin and supplement line is the next step. After meeting with the Musclepharm® team, learning about the company, and spending time with the founders, i knew they were the perfect partners to start a line of nutritional supplements and continue promoting fitness around the world. Their passion for sports nutrition and science fits perfectly with my mission to help everyone discover the benefits of health and nutrition. I’m excited to partner with Musclepharm® on the exclusive Arnold Series and develop this line of nutritional supplements that not only carry my name but also represent my lifelong commitment to fitness.”


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